About Me

Domasha Beavers, M.Ed.

I have had some trials in life. A single mother of two wonderful boys. Pushing for greatness has not always been my mindset, I understand what others may feel. I have found it is always great to have someone who can relate to you in life.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service and a Masters’s Degree in Education. My background in mental health along with children and family support . I have been a targeted case manger for years and love working with families. During my life span, I have been able to complete many goals, such as podcasting, blogging, and book writing.

How I Support
  • Awareness
  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • Life Transition
  • Group Support
  • Spiritual
  • Transformation
  • Depression
  • Confidence
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindset
  • Personal Life
  • Balance
  • Mindset Shift
  • Healing
  • Relationships and more!

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